Welcome to The Cure for AD (Alzheimer’s Disease)

Welcome to TheCureForAD.com!

Please join us today in lighting a candle of hope for a future without Alzheimer’s by clicking on the tab above.

As you are probably aware by now, this website does not represent an actual cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, rather a symbol of hope and prayer that one is rearing it’s head just around the corner.

The website was designed to give insight to different types of therapies made known through different outlets that have helped slow down the  progression of the disease in some victims, and the flip side of the coin, may not be working at all for other victims.

Keeping up to date on new treatments and new discoveries currently being researched, clinical trials, is paramount for caregivers and others who have loved ones taken over by this deadly disease.

We can all do our part, being more vocal about the need for more quality and focused research, along with the importance of really zoning in and helping fund the researchers who have been established and have found significant positive outcomes in their studies. These, I would consider to be the hopefuls for our loved one’s future,  and finding a possible cure. In building this website, my hope is to target in on these scientists/researchers and offer as much help in their practices as I am capable of. Being vocal, bringing awareness to things going on, is sometimes an amazing  method. You will be able to find the information of well known studies and those needing funding for their research in the Research tab located on the top of the page.

Maybe there will never be a cure, maybe there will simply be something that can stop Alzheimer’s Disease dead in it’s tracks, I’m sure many of us have said, or remember at one time saying, “If we could just stop it now, if that was all that we could do, and we didn’t have to see any more decline, he/she would at least remember the things they remember today, that would be enough” I know many times over, this is something that I’ve said. In any case, I think that we are all after the same thing, and that is progress into finding what drives this disease and what can we do to make the progress of scientific research move more rapidly.

Alzheimer’s Disease doesn’t really hit you or become a main focus in your life until someone you love becomes diagnosed, and it hits a little, or a whole lot closer to home, and then, by human nature, we become desperate.

How long have we been looking for the answer? By this date, you would think there would be some evidence for something making an impact on this disease. Well, the truth is, we have come a long way in research, which makes us that much closer to having something, anything on the market sooner than yesterday, but this isn’t enough. Our system is slow, progress may seem fast in other areas, but for some of these deadly diseases, it’s just not fast enough. There is a lot of red tape, a lot of studies/ blind studies, you name it that have to be performed before a new page is turned, it’s agonizing, almost taunting to those of us who are emotionally attached and desperate for any positive outcome.

My hope is that this website will provide another line of communication for the Alzheimer’s community, new trials, simple holistic approaches and experiences, and yes, debates, for those of you who enjoy them, debate is healthy.

Sometimes, hope is something we just need. We might see something positive on a road we are traveling with this disease, and sometimes, it is simply hope that drives what we see, that is really all we have right now, all of us, and I would, for one, like to make these wheels turn just a little faster, if not for my father, or myself, for my children, and my grandchildren.

The little bit that Alzheimer’s Disease has taken from my family, I want to make sure that it doesn’t have the chance to do the same to anyone else I love.

Please take what you are able from The Cure for AD (Alzheimer’s Disease) website, and contribute where you are able vocally, or through one of the legitimate research links provided. It is important to know that there are so many others that are suffering the same emotions and battles that your family is enduring.

Sometimes, becoming a part of a community with common intentions and obstacles, coming together, and helping with a kind word here and there move’s mountains for someone else.

Lastly, this website is not in any way, shape or form a money making venture. All links that lead viewers to different products are savings that will benefit both site owner and viewer to hopefully lower the cost for all of us trying to offer a healthier approach for our loved ones with AD. Links available through the Research button on the top of the page will only direct you to actual, legitimate research clinics that are working so hard to understand and combat this disease.

No money is made by me on this website for personal profit at all. Any small amount that may be obtained through google ad links or other affiliates will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

You are so welcome here and we wish you and your family many more positive days with your loved ones!

God Bless you along this long and winding road.

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